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Amazing Features

Interactive Learning

Make your Child/student a Master Mind with our Interactive Learning Platform. Now you Don`t need to worry about their Studies anymore!

Engaging Games

We have got an Educational Gaming series for your Kids/students who find studies boring! Let them play & Learn with their favorite games.

Real World Exposure

Now, Traveling in space is not a rocket science anymore! With our 4D Package students can now explore the real world objects & universe too .

Discover Augmented Reality!

India`s First App to Enable students to Experience the academic concepts into reality with Augmented Reality with just a tap .

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Includes 8 AR Books Inside with themes like Farm Fruits, Farm Vegetables, Transportation, Numbers, Alphabet & Phonetics, Animals & Birds.

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Experience the Augmented Reality Infinity Kits & Accelerate you Child`s Learning.


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Interactive Learning Videos

Students can now learn from their favorite Animated Video Lessons.

Now young minds can take advantage of animated video lesson series enabling them to learn in a new interactive manner. The videos cover many important concepts which they sometimes miss during their course in schools.

The video lessons are kept short & are mainly focused on the concepts so that the users don`t get bored from them as they get when they watch longer videos. So, they can learn faster resulting in their overall concept clarity.

Engaging & Supercool Games

With our Educational gaming series, everyone wants to learn.

We know that everyone loves gaming & according to studies its the best way to engage students. The App comes with lots of cool & engaging educational games which helps the students to not only play but also to practise their lessons through games.

The games section is inspired by the most favorite games such as BasketBall , car Racing etc. which can deliver values such as Healthy Competition, Sportsman Spirit & many others which are equally important aspects of education.


Quick & Interesting Worksheets

Students can test their concepts with our Rapid Worksheets.

The App contains easy to solve Worksheets which allow the students to test their concepts they have learnt & provides a chance to make themselves better with the subject wise scores. They are redirected to the videos & other learning aids if they have any sort of problem solving these worksheets.

The worksheets have a simple & easy format which attracts the students as it follows to-the-point testing approach which enables them to solve even hard questions faster.

Detailed Performance Analytics

Parents & Teachers can Analyze students` performances in one click.

With the Smart analytics tool, Students, parents, & teachers can Analyze the overall performances & monitor the strengths and weaknesses of the students in Real Time.

The Ananlytics panel contains easy to understand graphs & pie-charts with detailed information regarding subjects & concept clarity scores of the student.

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Interactive & Engaging Games!

Now, Concepts are fun too! Presenting a fresh gaming series which helps students to learn while playing their favorite games.

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Bonus Feature

Smart Homework

  • 1
    Conduct Self Made Tests

    Now Teachers & Parents have full freedom to optimize regular tests for the Student in the easiest way possible with our 'Self Teach Panel' which allows them to create online tests that go directly to their App.

  • 2
    Analyze Performances

    They can now analyze student`s performance with easy to read detailed graphs & pie-charts with the help of which they can personally pay attention to each and every student`s concept clarity.

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    Smart Homework Feature

    This feature allows Teachers & Parents to send Homework Assignments with our 'Smart Homework' tool. This feature is for both Games & Worksheet Formats.


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